Lizard and Lunk

The continuing GURPS adventures of eight men who really should find better uses for their time.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Playing Politics

5 October 2006-

It hasn't generally been our practice for the GM to provide the recap of his own adventure, but...

We gathered our griff, prepared our bowl of libations, and headed to the capital city on Masterhome, where the Godking resides. Upon landing in the city, we were met by an honor guard/assault unit of armed and armored lizard men riding what look to be long-legged alligators. We were worried at first, but they became much more friendly when they saw their treasure returned along with the surviving pirates, as well as the traditional offering of fresh griff. We received and accepted an invite to the palace, where we met a surprisingly casual Godking and his court, and saw the disposition of the pirates. We were a bit worried that they might be eaten, but instead they have been made "griff-handlers," who are the poor slobs who have to dress and then carry the griff home from the hunt. While that doesn't sound too bad at first, the real danger of "eaters" and their voracious love of griff meat probably makes this a job with a very high turnover.

The Godking revealed that the Annointed People (the lizard men) had become largely pacifistic in the last century, and had trouble believing that advanced, star-faring races could still be fighting amongst themselves. We put the best face on it we could, and explained that the Empire would certainly try to dominate them if the opportunity presented itself. We slept in the castle that night, albeit with a few visitors who tried to wheedle or steal favors and technology from us.

The next morning was better, until we received word from our ship that an Imperial vessel had entered the atmosphere, and that they were leaving for help. Sure enough, an Imperial courier landed in the city near us, and out came about a score of Stormtroopers to set up a perimeter. Small universe, sometimes.

"Please Pass the Griff"

28 September 2006-

It hasn't generally been our practice for the GM to provide the recap of his own adventure, but Brian seems to be in a Rodian-inspired rut, so here we go...

We continued this week without eBill, who was AWOL for some forgotten reason, and picked up where we had left with the pirates. They quickly spilled their guts to us about their nefarious activities, and confirmed that they had been raiding the planet below in the guise of Rebel Alliance members ("Gee, we sure hope that doesn't come back to haunt us!"), and taking gold from various local communities, including that of our eventual target- the Godking. Thus made wary, we landed at a more remote village and learned the proper etiquette for greetings and other social events on this planet, such as how to offer a truce before being attacked by the locals for raiding their villages (it involves offering up fresh griff meat, among other things).

Once we had that bit straight, we went on a griff hunt, and brought one down in the traditional manner, using javelins. We then called in our ship to pick us up, because one of the problems with griff-hunting is that it tends to attract "eaters"- big, velociraptor-like predators with a keen sense of smell. Sure enough, one was on the way to get us, but eMike blasted it with the ship's main guns, producing a Paranoia-like kill that left just the smoking talons.

Next week, we play the palace!