Lizard and Lunk

The continuing GURPS adventures of eight men who really should find better uses for their time.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Armed and Dangerous and Disarmed

31 August 2009-

With our immediate adversaries down and out of the fight, some of our PCs decided to chase the ones that got away, as they ran for the central core transport tube which runs the length of the station. The rest of us, including Jeff's Minbari telepath, stayed long enough to scan their wounded guy for information on where they were going, then we joined the rest of the group in pursuit. We decided to back off far enough to let them feel a little more secure, then sent Craig's Spy of Questionable Gender (SQuG?) and eBill's martial artist to hop aboard and scout the stop in Brown Sector where they were likely to get off. They had, in fact, left a guy in the station to discourage pursuit, complete with a monowire whip. When the rest of our party disembarked the next train, their guy bolted, only to be intercepted by eBill, who closed to hand-to-hand combat range before realizing his danger. Bill lost an arm, but managed to cripple the guy's leg, and Brian's Narn blasted his hand, finishing him off as he passed out from the pain.

We sent eBill and Brian back to MedLab to re-attach eBill's arm, and the rest of us headed to the Dark Star bar, hoping to find our guys and the biotech that we think they're carrying. As it happened, they were still there, sitting at a table with some other guys, one of whom appears to be a Psi. Next week should be interesting...

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Back to B5 and Back in the Thick of Things

19 August 2009-

Once the Llort ship was captured, we were able to rescue the scientists and pack up to go home. The scientists, although grateful to be rescued, were fairly close-lipped about their initial mission and their experiences before being captured, but Jeff's telepath discovered that they're working for a company called Interplanetary Expeditions (IPX), and that they had discovered an ancient excavation of an even older ship, similar to one found recently on Mars.

We gathered our stuff and the Llort ship, only to have the latter seized by a Drazi cruiser when we boosted to orbit- they claimed to need it for evidence in their accusation against the Llort for unauthorized incursions into Drazi space. After that, the trip back to B5 was uneventful.

Soon after our arrival, of course, things changed- and not for the better. It seems that there's a biotechnological monster on the loose, blasting its way through the station, and that there might be more biotech toys where it came from. Our controller sent us to gather these items, but it looks like someone else got the same idea, since there were armed thugs in the MedLab when we got there, and a firefight ensued. Once again, we were impressed by the dangerous nature of ultra-modern firearms, with Brian's Narn blasting a bad guy in a perfect Paranoia-style kill. Once we get the situation under control, we'll have to see what's left to take.