Lizard and Lunk

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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Jailbreak! (Part 2- Finale)

7 December 2009-

In a virtually unprecedented move, our PCs actually finished the adventure in a timely fashion this week, going right to the target, pausing not at all for the many potential distractions, then extracting him in a relatively efficient manner and leaving the target area before enemy reinforcements could arrive. It was incredible!

When we left, Schmitty was in a bad way, and our communications were out due to our own actions. Kevin's Drazi and eBill's human were on their way back to the main building, where our two Minbari (eMichael and Jeff) were still holed up in the ship. Since the guards had accidentally let us know that the prisoner we were looking for was back in the main building, eMichael and Jeff decided to spring the guy themselves, unaware that we were on our way back. They guessed that he might be held in the officers' quarters on ground level, and took the elevator down to that floor, where they stunned an administrative officer in the hall. Then they heard sounds of screaming, and headed for the door that it was coming from.

Back outside, there were a few tense moments as Craig came out from concealment in his Drazi space suit and confronted the Narn prisoners who had killed the Drazi guard and grabbed his gear. Luckily, he established that he was friendly, and they agreed to help out for a ticket home. They helped sling Schmitty's body and head back toward the main building and our ship.

Back inside, eMichael blew open the base commander's door with some plastique, then stunned one of the guards. He drew fire from the other guard, but managed to blast that one and the base commander himself with his PPG. He freed the prisoner, then he and Craig bundled him up and returned to the ship. All of us boarded, and in a relatively smooth extraction, we flew off to meet our pirate buddies for the return trip to Babylon 5.