Lizard and Lunk

The continuing GURPS adventures of eight men who really should find better uses for their time.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Test Driving New Supers

12 March 2008-

This week's session was a bit different, as we tried out both a new player and a new gaming system... sort of. We've played WEG's Star Wars many times, but last night was the first time we'd tried the D6 system for Supers, and it was interesting, if not perfect. We also introduced a second Brian (Brian II, the Sequel?) into our mix, who even has a similar last name to our current Brian. Last week, we spent the evening trying to work out new Supers characters, with issues of game balance, playability, etc. coming into play often. See, the D6 system uses a point-based system for game balance, but some of the point costs and discounts are extremely unbalanced, as it turns out.

Eventually, we tweaked the point costs to better balance the game, and then we were off and running! Our new party consists (at least at the moment) of my (Bruce's) were-coyote Coyote, Craig's super-samurai Kensai, eBill's teleporter Evac, eMichael's weather manipulator, Jeff's hit-him-and-he-gets-stronger brick, and Brian's scary-beyond-all-reason were-spider-thing Devil Bug (honestly, Craig and I discussed how if it came to dying in a burning building and getting rescued by Brian's PC, we thought we'd rather burn- I'm not sure how he'll work out as a super).

The scenario started with all of us attending a political rally down at The Ohio State University's Page Hall, where Barack Obama was speaking. In the middle of his speech, a rainbow-hued flash deposits a group of four Nordic-looking supers who appear to be Odin, Thor, Loki, and Heimdall (they were also wearing white supremacist symbols, though, so they may not be the real thing). Thor started a thunderstorm in the building, while Odin blasted the Secret Service guards and declared that there would never be a black president in the United States. Our PCs immediately went into action, with Jeff wading through the panicking crowd toward the bad guys, and EMike blasting at Thor with lightning, since he's also a weather manipulator. Craig and I turned into our super-forms, and Brian climbed a wall so that he could change less conspicuously. Then things got dicey.

Jeff, who had closed to melee distance, easily absorbed an energy blast from Odin, but then got cut down by Heimdall's sword, and eMike took a shot from Loki that left him effectively paralyzed and down for the count. Craig's Kensai rushed around and ginsued (there's another piece of questionable grammar... oh, well) Loki, hitting him several times in the round and dropping him in a bloody heap. Following his lead, my Coyote (played by Brian II) sped around and attacked Heimdall, only to get cut down as quickly as Jeff had been. eBill's Evac teleported Thor's hammer away, then followed up by teleporting in, grabbing Obama, and teleporting away successfully. With Obama safe, things were sort of looking up, but Brian's Devil Bug heard automatic weapons fire from outside, so we're not sure where it'll go from here. We'll see.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

RIP, Gary G.

Gary Gygax has died.

Let's quaff a flagon for our homey.

You look... marbleous?

27 February 2008-

This week led to yet another weird discovery- all of us apparently had little marble-like spheres embedded in our sternums while we were unconscious (before our arrival in this area)- and things just kept getting more strange.

We pushed on into the underground temple, and arrived at a room with a stone golem on one end and an iron golem on the other- with the door we wanted in between, of course! We advanced on the stone golem, thinking that it would be easier to knock down than the iron golem, and hoping to limit our fights to us gang-tackling them one at a time. As it happened, we were just finishing off the stone golem when the iron golem got to us, but eMike forestalled most of the problem by letting him have a 9-die Stone Missile- it him him like a cannon, and that was pretty much that! Looking around, we found a crown which fit the head of the goddess statue, and we returned it, only to have her statue disappear- we imagine that it returned to the pedestal upstairs.

Once we got through the door, we entered a room with a bunch of skeletons that were quickly dispatched, then on to the "Hesper," which was apparently a large eye in a bowl of wine (where's Shrek when you need him?). Once we got it outside to the point at which we arrived, it teleported us to a small room with a sorcerer of some sort, who explained that the marbles and our being undead were a boon of sorts (the marbles seem to be soul jars of some sort), and that we should be thankful. He then left us with a bowl of other marbles that appeared to contain our souls, so we're alive again- just a bit confused. Time to rest up, shop, and move on...