Lizard and Lunk

The continuing GURPS adventures of eight men who really should find better uses for their time.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Until We Meet Again...

4 May 06-

This week was basically the wrap-up. We made it back to our HQ with the girl in tow, although she was quite disoriented by the rapid string of teleportation jumps Evac took her on. He took her to the danger room, where we brought her teacher (that she trusted) and the minister who had been hanging with us that whole day. They convinced her that things might work out after all. In the middle of all this feel-good stuff, Dark Seraph, the head bad guy, sent an image to offer the girl a job and leave us with a threat- evidently this won't be the last of the Crowns of Satan. Although the evil music still played, we feel reasonably confident that we can take them if they show again, and so we weren't quite so worried. Maybe you need to be Arnold to have that "I'll be back" thing taken seriously.