Lizard and Lunk

The continuing GURPS adventures of eight men who really should find better uses for their time.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Um . . . Hooray?

With their captain and most of his retinue dead, the rest of the low-rent invaders decided they preferred their day-jobs and headed back to their town. They did attempt to drag some of our villagers back as slaves, but Bruce, Jeff, and iMike stopped two of their three boats, saving dozens of people from slavery and preserving them for a far more satisfying life of perpetual feudal serfdom.

(Sorry . . . off-message?)

But our victory cost our village pretty much all of the remaining militiamen, leaving us defenseless in the face of the inevitable next wave. (Also, and most unsurprisingly, the lone "survivor" of the original ambush mysteriously vanished during this last battle. As far as we're concerned, this NPC is now named "Dirty Stinking Traitor.") So rather than surrendering her hand in marriage (and surrendering the town as well) to Duke Loathsome, Duchess Pretislava is sneaking said hand out of the area to hole up with a trusted relative downstream.

Of course, we all have to go rafting through the Haunted Forest, but so far we've managed to get on the good side of the River Goddess, and also get some solid advice in how to make nice with the wild-people who live there. Good thing we picked up that Fodor's Guide.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

We Came to Play

7 May 2008-

Well, after last week's skirmish against the steppe nomads, we were under the impression that we had sent a message that all the bad guys would understand- bugger off! There are always some who don't get the message, however, and they showed up this week in the form of the enemy's war band. Under cover of the darkness, the enemy war band came downriver in force and assaulted the town we're protecting. We woke up to see the enemy warriors mustering in front of the fort, and ready to fight.

Being overconfident, we geared up and sortied out with the best of the warriors we could muster from the town's reduced defenses. We cast a couple of missile shields on the centaur and the half-giant (the most obvious targets for their many throwing axes) then advanced down the hill in force. At the last moment, we blasted the center of their line with a concussion spell, taking out a number of them for our charge- but they returned the favor taking down several of us as well. Nevertheless, Bruce's centaur and Jeff's half-giant hit their center head-on, followed quickly by Craig's elven swordsman and Schmidt's human warrior. Their leader was tough, and the berserkers proved nearly fatal to Craig and Schmidt, but eBill and eMike were as lethal as always, and they helped support our center melee by discouraging their flankers from joining in with arrows and lightning. Their leader gave us a go for a few seconds, until he was hit by Schmidt, Jeff, and Bruce all in the same round- that was it for him.

After a harrowing fight, we left off for the night with our forces holding the center, but with Craig and Schmidt seriously wounded and mostly out of the fight. Next week, I guess we'll see what happens in round two, but I think it's safe to say that round one goes to us.