Lizard and Lunk

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Thursday, January 08, 2009

"Dude! The monkeys look like stormtroopers!"

7 January 2009-

After our long holiday hiatus, we were back to Star Wars, with our group trying to rescue a Rebel spy that was located somewhere within an abandoned Imperial outpost. After the last time, fighting off the giant centipedes, we were more cautious about moving across the open walkways, and we proceeded carefully. In this case, the dice rolls were eerily appropriate, as four players in a row rolled critical failures on their Perception rolls, and mistakenly blasted trees that appeared more than a little suspicious. Eventually, we made it (rather sheepishly) over to the building we wanted, then sneaked inside to look around. We found the alien's entourage, mostly tortured to death, and located most of our droid, as well. What we hadn't expected was that it was actually the foot of the droid that was the spy- not the whole thing. Brian found this a little creepy, and insisted on calling the droid "Creepy scary foot" for the remainder of the evening.

In the midst of our discovery, the complex's power came back on, so we decided to leave, only to discover that an Imperial shuttle was landing right next to our own ship. The ship disembarked a score of Stormtroopers, who set about securing the area. This was fortuitous, as the local centipedes' favorite snack is a monkey-thing that looks a lot like a Stormtrooper, and they're not bright enough to readily tell the difference. Suddenly, the Stormtroopers were attacked by a mob of hungry centipedes, and we headed for the ships at a run. We were going to try and take the Imperial ship in addition to our own, but it lifted off to give fire support to the Stormtroopers, so we scuttled aboard our ship in a crossfire, with Billba Fett (eBill's inevitably-named bounty hunter) shooting the bad guys on the run.

Once aboard, we lifted off, and eBill once again proved useful by blasting the Imperial shuttle with our main gun. It was a Star Wars moment, to be sure! More next time.

As a side note, Brian is to be running a GURPS: Fantasy adventure soon, and wants each of us to pick one character from among the four campaign parties that we've played to run for this adventure (he promises that this will somehow make narrative sense). To this end, he requested that I compile a list of available PCs for us to choose from. Therefore...

Campaign One-
Brian- Wise One- Half-Ogre warrior
Bruce- Loric Shadow-Walker- Human Barbarian
Craig- Rashjevish- Ghoul Thief
eBill- Caranth- Human knight
eMichael- Zachariah- Elven combat mage
Jeff- Mayar- Wildman nature mage

Campaign Two-
Brian- Rolian Wrabb- Human warrior
Bruce- Skywise- Winged Folk warrior
Craig- Kel-Thabaar- Human warrior
eBill- ?
eMichael- Lucille- Leprechaun combat mage
Jeff- Lathan Silvereyes- Elven sun-priest

Campaign Three-
Brian- Ovo Granite-Hand- Dwarven warrior
Bruce- Killiean- Elven paladin
Craig- Whizbang- Goblin combat mage
eBill- ?
eMichael- ?
Jeff- Balto- Hobgoblin warrior