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Friday, May 01, 2009

It Was the Dawn of the Third Age...

29 April 2009-

At long last, one of my personal gaming goals has been achieved. After six or seven years of work, we finally have a GURPS: Babylon 5 campaign underway!

Last week we worked at finishing characters, a bit hampered by the switch to 4th Ed., as well as the tweaking of point values and some last home rules, but things were mostly hammered out. This week, there was still a rough start, with players finishing characters on the fly, but we did actually start the adventure.

Our characters are a fledgling Ranger unit on its first assignment out of Babylon 5, and we've been assigned to pose as a small mercenary unit, so that we can take a job for one Roland Anderson- a businessman that the Rangers are interested in finding out more about. He appears to be a broker of some sort, and he needs us to track down and potentially rescue a group of scientists who were exploring a dead world near Drazi and Llort space. They apparently ran into trouble, and we've been sent by Anderson to find them and bring them home. To facilitate this, he lent us a small ship, a pilot, and two of his associates, one of whom is clearly hired muscle, and the other of whom is an attractive (former) diplomatic attache of some sort. Amusingly enough, it seems that several of our new PCs have Lecherousness as a disad, and there's sure to be some friendly competition over her attentions.

With all the last minute character tweaks, we only just got off the station and through the jumpgate. I have to admit, I'm reminded of that old "What's New?" strip from Dragon where Dixie remarks to Phil "Hmmph! Well, you got ten feet further down the hall than I did, but then you skipped breakfast!"