Lizard and Lunk

The continuing GURPS adventures of eight men who really should find better uses for their time.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Revoltin' Developments

10 May 2007 (and previous)-

I haven't had time to post recently, so this will include the summary for three sessions, rather than the usual play-by-play that you've come to expect. So here goes...

Having been called upon to once again save the seemingly hapless Lucius McGuffin, we set out in search of clues. Egil, our Library contact, let us know that he had dug up a little information on Milos, the former priest of the Cult of the Yellow Sign (TM) whom we had killed but a few days previously. It seems he had yet a third identity, masquerading as a struggling merchant and living out of a run-down inn in the older section of town. While our centaur waited outside, the rest of us went inside and asked around, and eventually got the room number. We knocked, and heard suspicious sounds, but the centaur was the one to see the room's occupants climbing out the window. Her shout brought us in through the door, where our Ellyllon mage's mass daze spell took out the two still left in the window. One got away, and started running up a wall to escape pursuit. No problem, the centaur has a ring with Walk on Air, and beat him to the room where she then beat him into a more cooperative state of unconsciousness.

It turns out that the room's occupants were on the same mission as we, but were working for the opposition. They had found a book with a diagram of the nearly completed Lighthouse of Drac, with many strange symbols that we took to be magical elements worked into the structure itself. None of the suspects talked, but we figured it might be worth another look at the temple we had cleared out a few days before. Brian's bard dropped by, and shmoozed the guards outside, who claimed that a city councillor was leading an investigation into the hidden cult temple. We then decided that it was time to check out the lighthouse itself, and headed back to our rooms to rest up for a night-time reconnaissance.

We were accosted at dinner by a squad of city guards, who took us to court, where we were told by the councillor investigating the temple to get out of town. We were not at our most charming, but managed to avoid getting arrested when Egil arrived on scene with a letter of support from the Library. He also told us that Lucious had been abducted again from his home. He clearly needs a better security system.

We checked out his house, and found tracks and other evidence pointing to a nearby sewer grate, which we entered. Egil and the centaur stayed up top, as the rest of us tracked the kidnappers through the sewers (yuck!) We eventually came to a secret door, which turned out to be an elaborate trap, but then we found another trail which led further. The next secret door led us to another underground temple, where the alter and paraphernalia of the old temple had been re-erected. We killed the priest and his reptilian guards, but not before they beat us up a bit in return. We freed the captive on the sacrificial alter, only to discover that it is none other than Egil, who we thought we left back with the centaur. Next week, we try to sort it all out!