Lizard and Lunk

The continuing GURPS adventures of eight men who really should find better uses for their time.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Boys are Back in Town

12 December 2007-

Well, after a long hiatus imposed by various illnesses, births (the births themselves didn't cause problems for us, but newborns take a bit of work), and some business travel, we were finally back at the table to witness our party's triumphant return to Freeport.

The first order of business was to get back to our old digs at the inn and the Great Library, but we soon discovered that the inn had burned down, and that we had been presumed dead as part of the blaze. An interesting side note is that we had been posthumously awarded with the Freeport equivalent to the Medal of Freedom, since we had saved the city from both the evil cult and from councillor Verlaine, who was apparently a platinum card holder in said cult. Verlaine, who had been involved in the construction of the Great Lighthouse, and who had tried to run us out of town before his assassination, was serving a new function as the city's scapegoat.

We regrouped back at the Great Lbrary, where they offered to house us in their own dormatories, and we accepted with a slightly improved sense of security (I say "slight" because our experience of housing in the fantasy gaming environment is that any sense of security is just that- a sense of what security is, not security itself). While planning our next move (the oft-delayed raid on the nearly-completed lighthouse we're pretty sure is a Ghostbusters-esque focus point of evil badness), a representative from the city administration dropped by in search of us, so they evidently know that we have returned. It turns out that now that it appears that "the rumors of [our deaths] have been greatly exaggerated," we are on a list of invitees to a ball at the Sealord's manor, to be held the next night.

Instead of running out to shop for the perfect pair of shoes to go with scale mail, we decided to go forward with our plan to assault the lighthouse, and did a little recon before calling it a night. Next week, we'll plan and flawlessly execute a brilliant assault on this bastion of presumed evil, although I'm strongly reminded of another Ghostbusters moment: "That was your whole plan- get her?"