Lizard and Lunk

The continuing GURPS adventures of eight men who really should find better uses for their time.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Anyone Need a New Set of Luggage?

15 March 2007-

We picked up where we had left off from last week- hardly past the first stairwell, and with the entire system alerted to our presence (see "A Han Solo Moment", below). We decided to let the bad guys come to us this week, and they did, sending a team of reptile men to finish us off after the zombie attack. This time, we waited in ambush at the top of the stairs, after first sending down a concussion spell to even the odds a bit.

The reptile men charged up the stairs into a serious melee, where they were eventually beaten, shot, stabbed, burned and zapped into submission. When the last of them fled, Craig's elf warrior charged after him, and the two of them had a brief duel mano a mano (actually, I always thought this phrase meant "man to man," and was loathe to use it, but Babelfish translated it as "hand by hand," which I imagine we would translate as "hand to hand," so it's alright. Maybe. Maybe mano a la garra would be better. Maybe if our former English teacher and original "humble chronicler" chronicled more, there would be fewer of these long, rambling expositions on questionable fantasy grammatical constructs.) Suffice it to say that in less time then that tangent took to explore, both Craig and the reptile man were down and out, having beat each other to pulp in no time at all.

We ended the night with the PCs wanting a rest, but hearing a distant, muffled scream from somewhere deep in the bowels of the complex. There might be no rest for the wicked.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

A Han Solo Moment

1 March 2007-

We geared up and entered the secret door, into what appeared a classic dungeon crawl. Ahead we saw a corridor, torches in brackets, and a "T" intesection- basic stuff, we all agreed. Then our lead scout- run by a player with over 20 years of gaming experience- fell into a pit. Oops!

After recovering his composure, our scout redeemed himself by finding a secret door which led us into a tunnel leading deeper underground. As we advanced, we heard noises, and lit up the hall to discover a group of reptile men advancing single file up the narrow tunnel. With our magical illumination, they proved vulnerable to eBill's bow (skill 24!), eMichael's spells, and Craig's spiffy new magic sword, and three were dead in as many seconds. A fourth reptile man dodged through a side-door, and the others ran back the way they had come. Craig and eMicheal, both impulsive and overconfident, charged through the door after the fleeing reptile man, only to discover that he had fled into a room of zombified (yet another piece of questionable gamer grammar- e.g. "necrocide") sacrificial victims. Our heroes immediately had a "Han Solo moment," and came running back into the tunnel yelling for a retreat. The rest of us hastily retreated to the entry hall, where we made a more credible stand against our smelly foes.

Next week, we go back inside and try, try again.