Lizard and Lunk

The continuing GURPS adventures of eight men who really should find better uses for their time.

Friday, December 16, 2005

The well leads to underground tunnels? Leading to a graveyard? Who'da thunk?

After the clean-up from last week, and the lack of any successful questioning of our chief suspects (who are still unconscious after our little tussle), we decided to check out another lead. Our host, the half-ogre, was getting us a conciliatory bottle of wine from his cellar when he realized that several of his best vintages were MIA. We investigated the cellar, where he had a well, and discovered a secret door (gasp!) located part-way down into the well. It led to (GASP!) underground tunnels, which led in different directions, including (GASP!!!) the town graveyard. Kudos to Jeff for deducing all of that in advance from the mere presence of a well in the cellar.

After some exploration, we have ended up in the basement of the less xenophobic of the other two inns in town, where they had a map of the tunnel system- the plot thickens! We might even have a fair fight coming our way, since we seem to have attracted someone's attention, and we're frustrated enough to take on a whole inn-full of bigots if we get the chance. Action at last! Huzzah!

Friday, December 09, 2005

Van Gogh, or Marc Antony? Choose your own joke

12/1/2005: With a depleted group this week (just Brian, Craig, and eBill, plus Bruce as GM), it's just as well that the action focused on only four characters: Craig and eBill's two elves, Bruce's centaur, and Dave's reptile man as played by Brian.

It turns out that there are some orcs stirring up trouble, just as the less-enlightened townies are claiming . . . and what's worse, they seem to be doing it right under half-ogre innkeeper Grog's warty, bulbous nose. This came into clear focus when the three bipeds were attacked in their beds by two orcish guests at Grog's inn, and it became inescapable when one of the orcs chopped off eBill's ear (eEar?).

The orcs had a shot at making their escape by diving out the window, but a one-creature cavalry arrived in the form of Bruce's centaur and corraled the rascals. Grog claims that he had no idea any of his nonhuman guests were dangerous, but it's a bit unsettling that one of the orcs claimed to be working for Grog's benefit as he lopped eBill's ear from his head.