Lizard and Lunk

The continuing GURPS adventures of eight men who really should find better uses for their time.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Orc Season! Slaver Season! Wabbit Season!

OK, Bruce invited me to do this, so it's his fault of this stinks! To be fair, I was in and out a bit last session, so this is a bit selective.

Our newly-reunited and re-armed group set about pacifying the immediate vicinity of further dangers, mostly by sending Bill and Craig (with Mike as backup) out to hunt some Orcs that had survived the storm. 175 yards seemed a good range, and the Orcs were quickly skewered and looted.

We also started to attract groups of escaped slaves from the Slaver ship, who decided that they should get while the gettin' was good. We brought them together into one defensible spot, gave them the looted weapons we didn't need, and even gave them a food supply (OK, it was a couple of the nasty flying "mantipedes" - we don't know if they're edible or not, but the escaped slaves are willing to try). We have also, we hope, taught the mantipedes to steer clear of us - again, 200 yards is a pretty good range to start shooting...

We also hooked up again with the furry blue guy who got us onto this plane in the first place (whom we've taken to calling "Bluetooth"). He told us a story about the capture of his mate/spouse/significant other/whatever it is furry blue guys have, and a bargain was quickly struck: we help spring the love of his life from the clutches of the Chaos Lord minions who run this particular corner of the multiverse, and he gets us home. Seems like a decent deal.

We heard from one of the slaves that they had seen someone else ducking behind a strange frozen crystaline 'waterfall', so we thought we'd try there as a first shot at finding the Secret Entrance to the Bad Guy's Lair. Unfortunately, that waterfall is right next to the Slaver ship, which is still populated by armed slavers (4 of whom we offed on the way there, after they briefly tried to get in a long-range firefight and ended up as toothpick demonstrators). When we left off, we were overlooking the slaver ship, trying to decide how to rescue the remaining slaves and wipe out the remaining slavers. Tune in for what is sure to be a brilliant plan!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Marco... Polo!

5 September 2007-

We spent most of this week's session with our PCs trying to find each other after the wreck of the orc pirate ship. Some people washed ashore on one beach, some on another, and two of us were still aboard the ship- including Bruce's centaur, who was chained to the deck.

While trying to regroup, we quickly rediscovered the dangers involved in fighting unarmored, as Jeff took some serious damage fighting an armed orc with a piece of driftwood. We also discovered that the slaver ship appears to have made it through the gate after us, although they evidently went a few rounds with the Drow man-o-war ("elf-o-war?") before escaping. We even discovered some local wildlife- some kind of carnivorous flying "manta-pede" thing about the size of a large dog and every bit as friendly as it looks. At least they don't appear big enough to actually carry any of us off, except for eMike's Ellyllon.

At the end of the night, the ship-bound PCs had recovered all of our stuff, met up with our other fellow prisoners, and made it to the beach with a little pirate loot in tow as a bonus. Regrouped and re-armed, we are now at least a little more prepared to reconnoiter the island, and hopefully to find a way back home. There's always that slaver ship, as a start...