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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Our First Break

24 April 2012~

We picked up at the tavern, where we got the opportunity to talk with the town reeve about the situation.  Bill, with his magical ring of perception, was able to really get a sense of the man, and also used his impressive social skills to convince the reeve that we were there to help- unlike the other heavily armed party of people searching the land for a little girl and a duchess's handmaiden.  Their motives, of course, cannot possibly be as pure as ours.  After all, they've been aggressive and vaguely threatening to the locals, and... um... never mind. 

Anyway, Bill eventually got the man to admit that the girl was in hiding in the town, and that she was in good hands.  He also agreed to keep her safe until we came for her, since we can't very well cart her around with us through the increasingly hostile wilderness.  In addition, he gave us directions to the old keep (one of the rumored locations of an evil shrine that we think might be causing the curse), with a warning that it might not be safe- as if that would deter us.

As it turns out, even fording the river wasn't really safe, as we discovered when Craig's reptile man tried to swim it.  While the rest of us looked on from above (we now have a cloud raft), a surge of water (or water elemental?) moved upstream towards him, although we couldn't actually see any physical form.  Craig scampered out on the other side, and the rest of us got well back from the shore, but something sure seemed to be there- when Kevin threw an experimental rock into the river, it came flying back at him as if shot from a cannon!  We decided to head for the keep instead of messing with the whatever-it-was.

The keep itself was barely visible from the river bank, with one lonely tower still showing above the trees.  Kevin spotted what appeared to be a sentry in the tower, and set off to cause some havoc.  He teleported into the tower, appearing behind the orcish guard stationed there.  The guard turned to attack, but Kevin grabbed the orc and teleported them both off the tower and into mid-air.  As they started to fall, Kevin teleported himself back onto the tower, leaving the orc to fall to his (presumed) demise.  Next week, we plan to storm the castle!  Huzzah! 


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