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Sunday, December 21, 2008

"Um, dude? The monkeys look like stormtroopers..."

19 December 2008-

After a slight miscommunication (evidently, everyone was ready for Supers except Craig, who is planning to GM the first adventure for the new Supers party), we're off on another Star Wars romp. This time, our group has been selected to rescue a kidnapped avian alien, whose people have opened negotiations with the Rebellion for basing rights. Our only clue is a transponder signal, sent by a spy droid that the Rebellion was able to place in the avian's entourage. Our first step has been to follow that signal- to an abandoned Imperial base on a remote planet, where there is but one inhabitable strip of rainforest that circles the planet's equator. Although we are still leery, it does appear that the base is actually abandoned, although who knows what would cause the Empire to actually remove forces from an established location.

On the walkways through the trees (the base is elevated in several titanic trees), we encountered a bunch of simians that look sort of like small, furry stormtroopers, although they seemed a lot more curious and a lot less inclined to shoot at us. We were then attacked by a bunch of giant centipedes, which appear to think that the monkeys (and, by apparent extension, other bipeds) are good eating. We managed to drive them off, but a few of the monkeys bought it, and Jeff was wounded a bit in the exchange.
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