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Monday, October 10, 2011

Getting the Government Off Our Backs

While Ghost Wolf, Richard the Lich, and the rest of the crew were commandeering a stealth helicopter from the special forces out to get them, Toni, Ice Man, and The Exterminator were headed down the road to Rachel, NV ahead of the regular military police who had been shooing away all of the UFO-watchers from the side of the highway. They arrived to find a fair-sized gathering of the sort of freaks & geeks who would spend time camping out in the desert hoping to catch a glimpse of ET.

After about a half hour of hanging out with this crowd, the encampment was approached by three people - two special ops soldiers and one guy dressed in civvies. This trio appeared headed directly for Brian's Exterminator, so Tony the Telekinetic created a distraction with the campfire while Brian fled. This created chaos in the camp which quickly escalated (or degenerated) as Tony took down the civilian, Ice Man chilled out one of the special ops guys with cryokinesis, and shots started flying. As the Exterminator was doubling back, the trio (rapidly being pummeled) was joined by a group of heavily-armored infantry, which Tony decided to play whack-a-mole with. All the bad guys were eventually subdued, and the fellow in civilian clothes annihilated by a combination of the Exterminator's dehydration and Ice Man's patented Ice Cannon. The commandeered helicopter with the rest of the party landed just as the last few infantry were bugging out in their truck - Ghost Wolf took off with them to make sure they didn't have any good video footage of the incident.

With the government goons apparently vanquished, the party loaded themselves and the wounded civilians (some of the Freaks & Geeks crowd had been caught in the crossfire) into the helicopter and flew to a hospital in Las Vegas. There they landed in a parking lot, unloaded the wounded, and then disabled the chopper, hoping that the news media would pick up the story and foil a probable government cover-up. The group then quietly bugged out and regrouped back at the hotel room for the long drive back to Chicago.

It turns out that, while the government was not very good at capturing the group (despite their best efforts), they're very good at covering things up. The helicopter disappeared, never to be mentioned again. The shooting incident in the desert was written off as a drug smugglers' turf war in which civilians happened to get caught; since the innocents in the desert were pretty socially marginal to begin with, no one was much interested in listening to them anyhow. Word on the street back in Chicago was that the Feds - or whatever version of the Men in Black that was - had suffered a serious loss, and had gone off to lick its wounds. Yet another long-term enemy to be concerned about...


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