Lizard and Lunk

The continuing GURPS adventures of eight men who really should find better uses for their time.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Enter the Drow-gon

29 September 2010-

We got a bit of a late start today, as everyone had things going on, but once we got to it, things got exciting.

We left the town at about midnight and headed for Ehlona's Scar, the narrow canyon route along which we are planning to lead the yuan-ti assassin and his group. We arrived to discover that the initial descent into the canyon would be done via a counterweighted lift platform that was cantilevered out over the cliff edge- and broken. Our wizards levitated the two dwarves down the bottom of the structure, however, and they got to work repairing it at once (Jeff's dwarf is an engineer!)

Once we got the lift working, things were looking good- until we heard the sound of large wings approaching. We got under cover as a black and white dragon came into view, heading for the platform. Kevin's mage put up a force dome to protect most of us, then he and eBill blasted it with a flash and a thunderclap as it swooped in to attack. the dragon retreated up into the sky until it recovered, then dove again. This time, eBill gave it an illusion (of all of us running into the trees) to chase, and the dragon incinerated some of the local treeline on its next pass. Realizing its error, it then turned around and attacked the supports of the platform- which proved its undoing. The two dwarves, who had been watching from below, took the opportunity and shot the dragon with their muskets. The dragon fell off the platform and tried to glide to the canyon floor, but must have lost consciousness, for it suddenly turned into an unconscious drow sorceress who plummeted to her death on the rocks below.

We hastily brought the rest of the party down the lift, then burned it behind us to slow up the rest of the assassin's team. After that, we trekked down the canyon for awhile before making camp near a couple of waterfalls. Hopefully, our mystic mist will keep us safe until we're ready to move on again.