Lizard and Lunk

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Friday, November 21, 2008

A Two-shot One-Shot

5 & 19 November 2008-

Brian stepped up these last two sessions to run what he thought would be a one-shot adventure, taking but one night of gaming. Of course, our group can take longer than one night to cross the street if there's not a well-marked crosswalk manned by Balrog crossing guards, so it turned into two.

We were busy parting with some of our hard-earned money in town in the classic way- carousing- when we noticed that some of the regulars were beginning to disappear. The regulars where our characters hung out were fellow adventurers, and so ought to be able to take care of themselves, but nevertheless, fewer of them were showing up each week. Then eBill's elf got jumped by a few big guys with poisoned blades, and only managed to get away because he could go up the sides of the building. That made up our minds for us- it was definitely time to act. We started patrolling the streets at night, hoping to get a lead, when Jeff's half-giant spotted one of our buddies being rolled into a carpet for easy transport. Jeff, who was shape-shifted into a bat, took a couple of seconds to land and pursue, but called for help from the rest of us, who came running.

Jeff followed the kidnappers into a building ridden with plague warnings, protected by his undead status (long story, but see a few adventures ago), but he ran into a bunch of really tough zombies who went toe-to-toe for a few rounds before he conducted a "tactical advance to the rear". When the rest of us arrived, we went back in after the bad guys together, only to discover that they were pretty tough indeed- undead orcs with high skills and strength who were not afraid to hide in stacks of rotting garbage or under the knee-high water- ick! It also didn't help that when you killed one it splattered maggots and related gross stuff all over- double ick!

Eventually we made it to the back room, where we could see a bunch of the baddies in a large room, with several corpses lined up against the wall. A large free-for-all ensued, with highlights including one of eMichael's cannon-like 9d stone missiles, a very surprised orc shaman who was apportated until he was upside down with his head underwater, and a maxed damage roll from Jeff- 24 points with one axe swing! There was as much take as give, unfortunately, as most of us blew our brand new Bless rings, and some of us still got beat up pretty badly. One nice trap was the line of corpses on the wall, who were crafty enough to lie dormant until someone (eMichael's ellyllon, as it turned out) stepped right next to them- surprise!

When the dust and the walking dead settled, we were victorious, but we still don't know the whys behind it all- and we might never find out, since all the baddies were killed in the process of trying to save our friend. Oh well, it's probably better to have them dead, even if there's no good debriefing.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Musical interlude: Corey Vidal

Prepare to get your geek on. (h/t to Schmidt.)