Lizard and Lunk

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Friday, March 04, 2011

Die!... Again!... No, really!... This time for sure!

24 February 2011-

Our latest Supers adventure began with Bruce's character Ghost Wolf down along the Mexican border working on a Hohokum Indian archaeological site. While enjoying an authentic (really, the sign said so!) Chinese dinner on the Mexican side of the border with some of the other archaeologists, three drug cartel hitmen walked into the restaurant, clearly intending to kill at least one of the other patrons. As everyone watched the assassination drama unfold, Ghost Wolf phased through the wall and into a back lot, where he changed into his lupine form before charging back into the building. He was too late to save the initial victim, but he body checked the assassin into (and partially through) a wall- which put him down. He then turned on the other two, who were bringing up AK-47s to better their chances.

The first one went partially through the front door, but that didn't stop him from opening up as Ghost Wolf turned toward the second goon- who he recognized as one of the dig's workers. Ignoring the bullet hits, Ghost Wolf clawed the second goon, who fell over but didn't even bleed from a wound that would have put any normal human in a trauma center. Surprised, Ghost Wolf hit him in the head, disfiguring the man but not subduing him. The next hit decapitated the man, but that still wasn't enough to put him down. Eventually, Ghost Wolf grabbed the man's spinal column and boned him rather messily, then did the same to his accomplice- all producing no blood. How many therapy sessions it produced we'll probably never know.

After a quick check of the dead assassin- a man with a cartel tattoo of an eclipse, Ghost Wolf left the restaurant and returned to human form, then rejoined his friends and fled back to the dig. A quick phone call got the rest of the team on the way, although they had to drive since Bill's (how nice it is not to have an extraneous "e" on that anymore!) character Tony has no ID or official existence, and therefore can't buy a plane ticket.

The team split up to search for clues, with Craig, Jeff, Schmitty, eMichael and Bruce going to first the widow of the executed man and then to the man's friend and dining companion, and presenting us as a covert "A-Team"-like group that would right this heinous wrong if they could but put us on the trail- which they did. They told us about a local cartel boss with a large compound and some new facility being built there (What is "zombie factory," Alex?).

Bill, Brian and Kevin went to the barrios, and asked after the familiar-looking shooter, discovering that he was evidently the victim of some sort of cartel kidnapping. Again, the family and friends gave a few good leads- the first one leading to a local dealer. Bill, Brian and Kevin coerced the man into giving up the location of the local cartel boss (these three together can be very scary, especially with Brian's bug swarm- I'd talk, too, if I could stop screaming long enough!) almost instantaneously, and their information agreed with the first group's lead. Looks like another assault-like reconnaissance (or is that reconnaissance-like assault?) may be in order.