Lizard and Lunk

The continuing GURPS adventures of eight men who really should find better uses for their time.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Score One for the Good Guys

23 April 2008-

This week, we decided to send a message to the nomadic steppe raiders that have been plaguing Jeff's cousin's territory. We sent eMike's Ellyllon to reconnoiter the area from the air, since we figured that waiting for them to attack would make sure that we were always too late to do any good. After flying around for a bit, he located a small band of them preparing to camp for the night in a copse of trees several hours' ride from the town we were in. We did a quick night march, and arrived at their camp a few hours after midnight.

We crept in quietly, and were mostly in place when Bruce's centaur's armor caught on a branch and made some noise, alerting the sentries. While it was not our original signal, the sentry's yell worked for us, and all of our ranged attackers opened up with bows, crossbows, and stone missiles. After the first volley, most of their sentries were down, and our front-line fighters charged in to get the nomads who were struggling to get up. It was short and brutal, but satisfying. Highlights included Jeff and his new favorite battle axe ("Lucille"- as in "you picked a bad time to cleave me, Lucille"), Brian's flash spell (always popular with the crowds), and Craig's acrobatic leap off the head of a rising nomad to stab another. Their leader was impressive primarily for lasting three rounds before going down beneath the centaur's hooves, and for getting in their only actual hit on one of us, but he still ended up dead. We then left one alive to get word to the others, and called it a night. Score!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Family Troubles

16 April 2008-

After our brief foray into Supers, we're back to our regular GURPS: Fantasy campaign. Our party, having recovered from our recent undeath (except for Jeff, who kept his options open by keeping his soul jar- the rest of us got rid of ours) did some shopping and some general hanging about town before hearing of an opportunity for adventure in a nearby region. Along the way, we decided to take the opportunity to visit Jeff's cousin's territory (she's married to a local chief of some sort) along the way.

On the journey there, we saw some raiders in the distance, and when we arrived we discovered that Jeff's cousin (Pretislava or something like that) was burying her late husband, whose warband had been slaughtered by the forces of a rival chief. It seems that this rival is making a move on Jeff's cousin, and has set about wooing her in the locals' quaint traditional way- by killing her husband and threatening to invade and conquer her lands. Being the hopeless romantics we are, we've decided to help her keep her holdings, and have set ourselves up to defend the fort, at least until some more of her late husband's forces return from various postings abroad. We haven't worked out the details yet, but we're also thinking that perhaps we should arrange for this rival to become a head shorter- you just don't mess with family!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

End of the Drive- Comments?

11 April 2008-

Our foray into D6 Supers ended with the bad guys teleporting out. Brian's were-spider-thingee-from-Hell Devil Bug took down Thor while Craig's Kensai was carving up Odin a piece at a time. Odin evidently decided to cut and run, since their actual mission target was gone (removed to the top of a local skyscraper by eBill's Evac) and they were taking serious losses. Heimdall grabbed the downed (dead?) Loki, and they were gone in a rainbow flash! The neo-Nazis outside went down quickly, cut to pieces by Kensai, for whom normals pose little challenge. All in all, we can call that a success.

For the players who read this, we need to evaluate the system. Comments, anyone?