Lizard and Lunk

The continuing GURPS adventures of eight men who really should find better uses for their time.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Could These Things Be Any More Disgusting?

13 February 2008-

Most of this week's session was taken up with a major battle between the PCs and the flesh golems/undead/demons/whatever. The critters in question were compiled of various rotting body parts, so normal descriptors seem to fall a little short, here...

Anyway, they charged across the cage in which most of us were locked, with two groups of several smaller ones and one big one in the middle. Things got off to a good start when Jeff's half-giant took off the arm of the big one with a thrown axe, which was especially useful because the critter had been wielding a large steel club. Brian's bard teleported outside the cage to be in a better position to provide fire support, although there were some minor aspersions cast against his character as a result.

Things began in earnest when the critters closed with our three fighters: Jeff's aforementioned half-giant, Craig's wild elf on the left flank, and Bruce's centaur on the right. eBill's Legolas-like wild elf archer fired arrows from outside the cage (he had been trapped outside when the door slammed), and eMike's Ellyllon (pixie) sorcerer used Lightning and Stone Missile spells from near the ceiling of the cage. The smaller critters closed and grappled, and then attacked with knives while they were climbing all over us (they had extra arms, you see...).

Brian's bard, who had teleported outside the cage, proved invaluable by letting loose with a gale-force Shape Air that kept several of the smaller critters from overpowering the centaur, but she also proved effective by first ramming the critter climbing over her shield into a wall, and then using her Karate (no, really!) to all-out attack the big guy with two back kicks from her hooves which finished him off for Jeff. Craig's elf, on the other side of the room, was able to fend off the bad guys with the help of his dual-attack and his fire-support team of eBill and eMike.

After we finished them off, we discovered that the critters were evidently created in a sort of workshop, where there were many body parts seemingly set aside for this particualr use. Things are definitely a little ghoulish down here...

Friday, February 01, 2008

"Maybe you should put some shorts on if you wanna keep fighting evil today..."

30 January 2008-

After recovering from the dog attacks, we set off to try and figure out a little more about the temple we discovered. A little examination found that the weird statue in the center could be moved (actualy, it was the pedestal which moved, but so what), and that revealed a steep staircase into the underground. We all descended, including the centaur, once she used her shape-changing bracelet again. It was then that we discovered another little quirk of the doodad- it doesn't alter your clothing. Centaurs have no nudity taboos, of course, but the more lecherous characters found her new circumstances to be... distracting, so she switched back once we got down the stairs, and we all rested for a few minutes while we took in our new surroundings.

Our new surroundings included a number of surprised-looking statues, all of which appeared to be stored in the large room at the base of the stairs. There was also the original statue from the pedestal upstairs, who was a goddess of courage and fortune- touching her gave all of us additional courage to face whatever we're going to be up against.

We advanced through the room and into a room with a floor full of grasping vines and ants, which we neatly avoided by liberal uses of flying/floating magic. Through that room was a hallway, where we encountered a whirlwind that covered us with glitter, but seemed to do nothing else (not that we believe that for even a moment). We then found another hall of cells, several of which had booby traps and "prizes" of sorts in them, and where we found a less pleasant discovery- all of us appear to be dead, with rigor mortis-like symptoms starting to become apparent (actually, what's really odd is that Craig had just been quoting from an old zombie movie about the guy who's told to "Shut up if you love this job!" and to which he replies "Love this job?! I'm dead!"). We'll just have to hope that we get better.

We pressed on with a greater sense of urgency, and discovered a large toture chamber, compete with bleachers for the audience (ick!). We entered cautiously, but as luck would have it, the door slammed shut and three doors opened in the chamber, out of which advanced several horrors which appear to be corpse-golems or something equally unpleasant. If we survive, we're definitiely going to need a shower.