Lizard and Lunk

The continuing GURPS adventures of eight men who really should find better uses for their time.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

There and Back Again

4 and 13 February 2009-

Having blasted our way off the planet with the giant tree centipedes and the monkeys, we followed up on our next most obvious clue- the rendezvous point between the pirates/birdnappers and their contacts. Those contacts ended up being Imperial propaganda agents docked to a hyperspace signal relay station, and they were expecting us when we entered the system- or at least they were expecting the pirates whose ship looks a lot like ours, and we didn't disabuse them of their notions until it was too late for them. We docked, lured a couple of them on board, and then stormed their ship.

It turns out that the Empire was ultimately behind the birdnapping, and was planning to make some sort of video propaganda piece to discredit the Rebel Alliance and drive the Shashay (the bird-like aliens) to align more closely with the Empire. Unfortunately, the pirates who grabbed the bird hadn't made the rendezvous, and their last communication had mentioned trouble with the local wildlife back on the planet we just left. We recalled seeing several burned sections of vegetation, and reasoned that they must not have left with the bird after all. We marooned the Imperial propaganda crew on the relay station, gift-wrapped their ship, and sent it to our Rebel base on autopilot- then we turned around and headed back.

eMichael dropped us in from hyperspace right next to the planet, on the side opposite the star destroyer. He then dropped down to tree-top level and headed back to the research station, where we located the pirate ship, a couple of remote research stations, and a nearby clearing to land in. We set down and trekked to the enemy ship, where our frontal assault was unsuccessful, although we cleaned up some Imperial army troops when they came in to rescue whoever's on the pirate ship and took their speeder bikes. Now we're going to follow some vehicle tracks into the jungle, and hope to rescue the bird. More next week!