Lizard and Lunk

The continuing GURPS adventures of eight men who really should find better uses for their time.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Yo, Ho, Yo, Ho...

21 September 2009-

We started by wrapping up the details of our last adventure, with our PCs returning the bag of biotech goodies to our superiors, and eBill's arm getting re-attached to the rest of his body (gotta love duct-tape).

We had just recuperated when we got another call from Mr. Anderson, who had another rescue mission for us. One more of his numerous "associates" had gotten himself in trouble, this time with the Drazi. Although we're not sure what he did, it seems that he was found guilty, and he's been sent to mine Quantium-40 on a penal colony located on an asteroid in the Tirrith Free State (TFS), a neutral space located in between the space claimed by several major powers, and loosely run by a confederation of pirates and free traders. Our employers want us to break him out- which doesn't sound completely impossible, although it has little else to recommend it.

Since we're trying to ingratiate ourselves with Anderson, though, we accepted the mission- although there were many doubts expressed about the likelihood of breaking into a prison with no support, no intel, and few resources. There's also more than a little concern about explosive decompression if we get into a firefight in a vaccuum, but we'll have to see how it goes. At least in space, no one will hear us screaming! In the meantime, Mr. Anderson has booked our passage on an unusually heavily-armed "merchant ship" called the Veil of Tears, and we're en route to the TFS station called Freedom.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

On Knives and Gunfights

14 September 2009-

So a human, a Narn, and a Minbari walk into a bar...

As of last time, our PCs had staked out the bar, positioning some people inside and some right outside the major entrances, but no one had made any serious moves yet. Jeff's Minbari telepath was trying to blanket our group from the scans of the criminal Psi, and Schmitty and Craig were trying to surreptitiously approach the table where the buyer and seller of the bag of suspected biotech were negotiating. Unfortunately, their Psi noticed the interference Jeff was putting out, and called in some muscle to figure out where it was coming from. EMichael- the other Minbari in the group- went over to back up Jeff, and things looked like they would soon get ugly.

About that time, station security forces swept through to clear the bar, since the biotech monster was on the move, and things sped up. The negotiating party came to an agreement, credits were exchanged, and the seller left the bar while the buyers moved toward a back entrance. With the crowd of bar patrons moving, our guys (plus Craig- whatever he is) headed for the bad guys, and got to them just as they reached the door. The bad guys made a stand at the door with a martial artist and some guys with asps (retractable clubs), but we quickly upped the ante with Minbari Denn'boks (fighting pikes) and PPGs. PPGs win. After a brief shoot-out, we grabbed the bag, planted some false evidence that the theft was perpetrated by a rival criminal gang, and beat feet before security returned.