Lizard and Lunk

The continuing GURPS adventures of eight men who really should find better uses for their time.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Another Day, Another Segue

Surprisingly enough, a non-combat session this week - no blood was spilt, probably due to the presence of an overwhelming force (unfortunately, not us). When we left off last time, we were being escorted by a group of Drow Marines (Semper Drow!) to their commanding officer. Once there, we learned three things: 1) that the Drow were here to collect the half-elf slave we had met in the hold of the Orc slaver ship; 2) that there were WAY more Drow Marines around than we could possibly handle (even at my best, I could no handle so many...); and 3) that the Drow had found another blue furry creature like unto the one that had gate-ported us to this place in the first place, in an effort to ... escape the Drow. Funny how that worked out.

We decided that discretion was the better part of survival, and so became very cooperative. We led the Drow back to the captured slaver ship where we had left all of the freed slaves, and after some brief panic as they saw a Drow battlecruiser approaching, we were able to get the half-elf reunited with the Drow. Turns out that he and a Drow noblewoman who was REALLY in charge of the whole contingent had a rather, shall we say, intimate relationship. Said noblewoman was so overjoyed at being reunited with her lover that the Drow decided to be really nice and not kill us, even the non-Elves.

However, we weren't excited about the prospect of returning to our own plane with the Drow, either - they not being known for extended periods of kindness. So we said "you're welcome" for the returned loverboy, and "no, thanks" to the ride home, explaining (falsely) that we thought we'd hang around this place and rule it like kings. In fact, as soon as the Drow left (having gifted us with some nifty Blessed rings on their way out), we set to work fixing the slaver ship as fast as possible. Since our blue furry friend had been reunited with HIS lover (this may be the strangest love story ever), he was more than happy to 'port us back to more or less where we started, on the high seas a couple of days out of Freeport. So back we went, sailed back into town on a captured slaver ship (which we promptly sold to a previously-enslaved merchant), and started to settle back into to our favorite home for chaos and mayhem. So far, we've eliminated an orc pirate ship and a cult of lizardmen - but there's still that demon-summoning lighthouse thingie we have yet to deal with... Tune in next time!