Lizard and Lunk

The continuing GURPS adventures of eight men who really should find better uses for their time.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Awesome Martial Arts Spoof

There is a series of really funny martial arts spoof videos - if you haven't seen these, you should!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Forget Ninjas, SEALs, or Super-Secret Special Ops... WE Own the Night!

21 September 2011~

It was a great night to be an invisible, insubstantial, super werewolf, but when is it not so?

We picked up with things out in the desert- Bruce's Ghost Wolf and Jeff's lich hunkered down under illusionary cover with Craig's Kensai and Kevin's Zen going through withdrawal from the drugs with which they had been sedated. Jeff's lich, it turns out, had a neutralize poison spell, so he quickly set them straight, but we didn't know what was going on outside our little illusionary shell, so Jeff turned Ghost Wolf invisible, and Ghost Wolf went out for a little recon. Being invisible and insubstantial, he was able to move effortlessly through the terrain, and having heightened senses made it possible (with a couple good rolls) for him to spot some very stealthy special ops types advancing slowly on our position with strange-looking weapons.

Not wanting to just kill the soldiers, Ghost Wolf grabbed one of the men and ran straight up into the night with him, then stopped at about 400' for a little conversation. The guy proved pretty resilient for someone snatched up into the sky by an invisible werewolf, but once Ghost Wolf tossed him into the air (and caught him, of course) he proved a bit more cooperative. Of course, the soldier hanging in mid-air brought the helicopter back, but Ghost Wolf charged the aircraft, then tossed the soldier on to the front windshield with instructions to "hold on". Ghost Wolf went insubstantial to slip inside the helicopter, then ripped off the safety restraints and yanked the co-pilot out of his chair and threatened to eat him (sadly, Craig pointed out that they couldn't see what he looked like, so that was perhaps an empty threat). Once the pilot stopped freaking out, he quickly decided to cooperate, and we had ourselves one heck of a taxi for the trip out of here.

On the ground, Kensai and Zen were having a hard time getting their bearings once they regained consciousness, and they couldn't initially get their powers to work. They finally powered up, though, and left the illusionary cover to go after our pursuers, as did Jeff's lich a few seconds later. The three of them got out of the arroyo and took out the remaining troopers mere moments later, with Kensai knocking a couple of them down into the arroyo, and Jeff's lich commanding the soldiers to shoot their buddies and then themselves with their knock-out darts. Our only casualty was Zen, who got entangled by a lucky (or amazing) shot from one of the troopers that wrapped him in sticky webbing of some sort, and who then kept shooting him again and again for good measure. Still, we got the helicopter pilot to land long enough to pick us all up, and now we'll have him fly us back to the rest of the group, whose fate we should learn next week...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

This Is Some Rescue...

13 September 2011~

After much discussion, we decided that we had only a very few leads, but not much time in which to generate new ones, either. Smart money seemed to indicate that our friends (Craig's Kensai and Kevin's Zen) were being transported to Area 51 in Nevada, and so we decided to go get them!

Of course, breaking into one of the most highly secured military bases in the country (or- more importantly, as Kevin pointed out helpfully- breaking back out again) seemed to be a fairly daunting task, even for our group, so we decided to intercept the transport in which our friends were being hauled around as an alternative to a suicide mission. To do that, we headed down to Las Vegas, with some of us flying while others teleported, and then rented a car to drive out and hang with the [other] crazies near the base entrance, hoping for a "sighting". Things began to look up when a security convoy (very polite and friendly after Jeff charmed their officer) came through in the early morning hours to clear the road, and Jeff's lich (I think we should call him "Jack Knife," since he can do virtually anything) and Bruce's werewolf Ghost Wolf turned invisible (and insubstantial, where applicable) and stayed behind while the rest of the group drove back toward the nearest town. When the convoy got close, Jeff mass dazed the truck's occupants before he and Ghost Wolf boarded the truck- Ghost Wolf running insubstantially through the truck then stepping up into it, and Jeff hawk flighting to match velocity, then teleporting inside. Oh, the fantasy physics! After that, it was quick work to grab our buddies and exit the truck the ways we had entered, then beat feat away the way they had come and then into a culvert.

Unfortunately, the truck stopped almost immediately, and the chase helicopter, UAV drone, and chase cars began to search the area. Jeff and Bruce hunkered down under an illusion and began checking out Craig and Kevin, who had been drugged and unconscious for at least a day. Although they were alive, it seems that they were in a bad way, and we're worried that there may be some sort of drug or poison in their system that will have bad effects if not remedied, and soon. Next week, we may need to take some rather direct action to get away. Let's hope no one has to be zombied this adventure...

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Unknown Enemies, 2; Us, 0

6 September 2011~

It was back to Supers this week, and things started rolling right away with Craig and Kevin getting kidnapped, and Brian only narrowly avoiding that same fate. Kevin's martial artist was approached at his dojo after class by a new student who apparently drugged him with some sort of injection. Kevin could struggle only briefly before succumbing to unconsciousness and being hauled off in an ambulance we later discovered to be stolen. Craig was apprehended on the set of his latest movie, first feeling sick and then passing out. Brian was called in on an extermination job, only to find himself growing rapidly fatigued while talking with his "client." He managed to move away a little, then hopped in his van and drove off. He was pursued by some rather persistent generic dark sedans, then got to a location where he could escape by flight, whereupon he did escape capture and warn the rest of us- although he didn't get much of a look at his attackers.

We deployed fairly quickly, but discovered that Craig and Kevin were missing. Searching their apartments yielded nothing, and another search of the "job" that Brian was looking into led only to our discovery that there was some kind of electronic device on the business's phone that seems to have routed an external call through their phone lines, so that it would appear to have emanated from their location. More dead ends.

We decided to call our FBI contact (who Brian has now dubbed Dana Mulder) and ask for help, which he graciously provided. We also decided to have Jeff try sorcerous traces on our buddies. The net result was that we discovered that Craig and Kevin are in some sort of truck, apparently sedated, and moving south and west toward Nevada or California, and that the government might have a very secret counter-supers group forming up to look into beings like ourselves. Mulder claims not to know any names or details, but rumors have evidently begun percolating through the Bureau, and that certainly seems to fit our (admittedly sketchy) facts.

Hopefully, we'll be able to develop some actual leads soon, before we have to resort to the rather unpopular plan of dangling Brian out as bait, and waiting to see who snatches him up.