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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Island Adventures

November 2011 to 10 January 2012~

Due to some technical problems, some holiday time conflicts, and some regular life conflicts, it has been too long since an update has been made, but I will at least make the attempt.

Kevin ran a pair of fantasy adventures involving islands- the first of which involved an attempt to find someone who had been lost in a shipwreck, and another which involved getting temporarily stranded ourselves. Due to the absolute craziness of my pre-holiday and holiday schedules, my grasp of the details of the first adventure is seriously weak, but I had more of a handle on the second one. Others may feel free to make corrections as necessary!

In the first adventure, we were hired to be part of an expedition to an island where a person had been lost, but might realistically have made it to shore and survived. When we got to the island, we discovered that time appeared to be standing still there, with no breeze, no growth cycles, and no normal life (it also made burning things impossible, since the flames wouldn't eat the wood at all- weird!). We went looking for the lost person, and ended up finding a village with one survivor, but then the villagers attacked us. We ended up getting into a pretty big fight, and discovered in the process that wounds didn't bleed, either. After that, there was an attempt to rescue another survivor who was afianced to our patron, and that was about to be sacrificed on a cliff-side. Of course we intervened to save her, only to get into a battle with several local shamans and their huge lobster god (and when I say huge, I mean that getting incidentally trampled to death as it came over was a real threat). We eventually defeated it with muskets, cannon-sized Stone Missiles (always a favorite when they're on our side), and a fair amount of luck.

Of course, after that we decided to return home, but our ship was damaged in a storm, and had to put into a lagoon on a small island. We discovered another ship in the same lagoon, although it appeared abandoned, and didn't respond to our hails. Our party went across as an away team, and discovered that the crew was missing, a couple of rooms were blood-streaked, and the captain had died barricaded in his cabin. His diary, though dramatic and indicative of disaster, was short on details, and all we knew for sure was that his shore party had never returned from their initial landing, and that his remaining crew had been killed over two nights by some sort of entities. We battened down the hatches and prepared for the worst that night, but a few of our crew were killed by a swarm of rats and sea snakes even so.

The next day, we decided that the most likely culprit was some sort of evil druid or island vampire that could control animals, and that they would use vermin to attack us by night until they destroyed us, we destroyed them, or we escaped. Given that our ship needed a day or two to make repairs, we decided to go looking for the threat rather than wait for it to kill us all. We took a boat ashore and headed inland toward a volcano that appeared to have a cave underneath it. In the cave, we found some carved stone doors and a couple of booby-trapped treasure troves, but what really appeared interesting were the halls that led around to some sort of tomb. In the tomb were a bunch of mummified shamans, several of whom came alive when we went in to look around. That would have been alright, but the wraith was another story. It was insubstantial, and thus immune to most of our weapons. Luckily, Kevin's multiply-personalitied wizard has one personality who is a necromancer, and he was able to make a couple of our weapons affect the wraith. Bruce and Craig's warriors took turns hitting it with Bruce's wraith-enabled naginata before it took them out, then eMichael's dwarf and the rest of the party finished the various undead off.

That would have been the end, except eMichael's dwarf picked up the wraith's soul jar and became possessed. Ironically, Jeff's dwarf had been looking for just such a move, and the two of them blasted each other with muskets at a range of about six feet. That about settled everything, and the rest of the party were able to scrape us all into bags and take us back to the ship, and we eventually headed back to civilization.


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