Lizard and Lunk

The continuing GURPS adventures of eight men who really should find better uses for their time.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Oh, just do it.

OK, watch this so it's fresh in your mind:

Still with me? Now watch this:

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Snowball's Chance in Hell

Given how long the party has been wandering through the house apparently located in some hell-like extradimensional space, with eMike's Iceman character in tow, hattip to Brian for finally making the joke...

When last we left our intrepid band of Supers, they had just managed to figure out how to get into said hell-house. Exploration quickly discovered that it was not at all like the earthly house they had previously scouted through. There were more of the man-demon things (fairly easily dispatched), and some really big dog-demon things (less easily dispatched). The party cleverly figured out how to get around one of these by cutting a hole through a wall to the stairway--only to discover another one halfway up the stairs. Defeating that one proved both difficult and noisy enough to wake up the first one, which then had to be dealt with. So much for trying to avoid the nasty monsters.

At the top of said stairs--now clearly outside any space an ordinary house would provide--proved to be infested with a large swarm of nasty, razor-sharp bat-like things (Razor Wisps, the party's occultism experts helpfully explained). After an initial foray that felt like getting into a fight with a Gilette factory, Jeff's Wizard discovered that he could both withstand their attacks and gradually wipe them out with explosive fireballs. Let's hear it for magic!

Beyond the top of the stairs was a long curving passage, lined with creepy melted-face pictures (or were those actual faces...?) and disturbing illusionary images every once in a while. At the end of that hallway lay a door, which Bruce's Ghost Wolf of course had to peek through.

On the other side he saw witches (more witches!) standing around a dome of smoke in the middle of a large circular room, singing or chanting something. After a quick tactical conference, it was decided that Ghost Wolf would jump over the smoke-dome to attack whatever was on the other side, while the rest of the party would burst in and take out the witches that could be seen from the door. This was a brilliant plan, foiled only by the sudden and annoying discovery that the witches they could see were illusions, and that the real witches were invisible--and still casting. As the party fanned out looking for invisible witches, formerly-invisible demons started showing up and attacking as well, further confusing things.

Kevin, Bruce, Craig, and eMike all engaged (or were engaged by) demons, with varying degrees of success. Jeff's wizard finally got into position to case See Invisible both on himself and on eMike, who promptly blasted one of the witches (proving that snowballs DO, in fact, have a use in hell).

Kevin, also granted See Invisible, wasted another witch, while Brian and Craig used a combination of bugs and demon body parts to flush out and then eviscerate the third. Unfortunately, blasting the first one--still in mid-spell--caused the containment dome around the smoke to disappear, revealing (after a few seconds) a REALLY big, nasty looking demon.

Bruce, subscribing to the "go big or go home" school of tactics, jumped on its head and attacked its eye. He was successful, for which he was painfully thrown across the room. Anyone with a ranged weapon opened up on it, while Schmitty's Hammie-like squirrel ally sacrificed itself to distract the demon long enough for it to not rend Bruce to shreds (in the squirrel's honor, this worked. On the other hand, this was the shortest appearance by any character or NPC on record, surpassing the famous Sol Super Sun-Spot Boy incident.)

The artillery and attacks from multiple directions--Craig taking out its other eye, eMike continuing to blast away--finally wore the thing down. Jeff's wizard finished it off with the biggest stone missile he could conjure, something akin to a 155mm tank shell. The demon promptly exploded into a ball of fire, badly wounding several. In the end, everyone made it out of the house alive (though some had to be carried), and the world was rendered safe from demonic catastrophe--for now.

Next week, Bruce promises a new Supers adventure. I think everyone's rooting for fewer demons next time.